Baby Food


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As a first-time mom myself, with a now one year old, I know that introducing new foods to your baby can feel overwhelming to say the least. I understand a little guidance goes a long way. With baby food 101 we'll address your questions and concerns together and map out actionable steps for the future!

Baby Food 101 is available either, in an intimate group setting, or as a one on one session for a more tailored, personal approach. In both settings, we'll tackle the following:

  • Introducing new foods and allergens to your baby
  • Proper portion size and planning
  • Meal prepping in advance
  • Cooking for your baby
  • Grocery shopping guidance
  • This is for babies from 6-12 months 
  • This is not a Baby Led Weaning class

Use the contact form below to save your seat for the next group class happening on September 16th, 2018! This class is $40 per person and will be held at my home in Los Feliz. Small group, no more the 7 people!

*If you'd like more info regarding a one on one session, please fill out the following to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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