Easy Chia

Happy Friday!

I'm sending you off into the weekend with my super easy chia seed pudding. This can be used for so many different things; eating on its own with berries or your favorite nut butter, you can add it to smoothies, top oatmeal with it. The use is unlimited! 

I tend to just keep a batch in my fridge for a quick grab and go meal. 


Ingredients are very simple: chia seeds, any kind of plant milk, and optional vanilla. 


I usually make a double batch! 

One batch is:

3tbsp of chia seeds

1 cup plant milk 

1 tsp of organic vanilla extract 


Add everything into container and shake it up. Its best if it soaks overnight. If you don't have over night, as least 1 hour for them to fully hydrate.  

**Did you know you should never eat unhydrated chia seeds? Did you know that chia seeds expand 27 times their weight? So consuming raw seeds can actually cause problems in your esophagus. Even dehydrate you by absorbing water in your GI tract. 

This is the main reason I always have some hydrated in my fridge, because if I don't have readily available healthy foods in my house, I won't eat healthy. 


Today I topped it with a small spoonful of peanut butter, raspberries, and some coconut flakes! 


Easy and Healthy are what I am always going for!  This small bowl is perfect for a snack. 


Some fun facts about chi seeds:

-They expand 27 times their weight so they keep you full

-They are very high in fiber so will keep you feeling full

-They are full of healthy fats, both omega 3 and 6

- They help with healthy hair and nails. 


Hope you have a relaxing weekend! 



Lindsay Raffaele