5 Signs Your Hormones Are Out Of Control

There are many different factors affecting our overall health. In order to live a more balanced life, it’s important to keep our hormones in balance. Our body systems remain stable when our hormones work in harmony with each other and they help regulate all that goes in our body. But when they are imbalanced, your body will react to this disruption and will show signs to let you know. In this blog, I’m diving into the 5 common signs that your hormones are out of balance and what we can do to help. Here we go!

How many of these hormonal symptoms are you experiencing?

How many of these hormonal symptoms are you experiencing?

1. Fatigue

As we handle our day-to-day activities, it can get strenuous and our brain is constantly wired. This can definitely impact our lack of sleep or make it hard for us to get good rest. But if you are still tired after waking from a good amount of sleep, than this shouldn’t be overlooked and should be taken more seriously. Talk to your doctor about this to see what’s going on, because there is a good chance that your hormones are out of balance. There are ways to help you sleep better at night such as: meditation, sleep masks, indoor room temperature, or keeping electronic devices away from the bed.

2. Weight gain or inability to lose weight

If you have a hormonal imbalance, it’s very possible that you will have hunger cravings or feel hungry most of the time. There are two hormones that deal with this: ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin lets us know when we are hungry and leptin tells us when we are full. But when both of these hormones are out of place, then you can never determine when you’ve had enough to eat which can result in weight gain. To help with this, refrain from eating sugary foods or at least watch your intake of foods with sugar. If you feel like you’re having a hard time trying to lose weight, the reason may be from your body either producing too much thyroid hormones or not enough. If your body produces too much thyroid hormones, it can increase your metabolism but if it doesn’t produce enough it can actually slow down your metabolism. Both can affect your ability to lose weight. Always make sure to have healthy levels of your thyroid hormones.

3. Dry skin and hair changes

When you notice that your skin is constantly dry or you notice some temporary hair changes or loss, it can be caused by hormonal imbalances due to the thyroid hormone. This hormone stimulates the oil glands, but when this hormone is imbalanced, the circulation of blood to the skin is reduced which causes dry skin. For hair changes, this is caused when there is too much or not enough thyroid hormones in your body. Tips for a healthy thyroid include increasing your amount of exercise, eat more protein and less carbs, drink more water, and make sure you’re always eating throughout the day - try to avoid skipping meals!

4. Low Sex Drive

A hormonal imbalance can affect women in different ways, like a low sex drive. Libido is a person’s sexual desire, and when a women’s libido is low, it is caused by either of these different hormones. Cortisol (the stress hormone), estrogen (sexual/reproductive hormone), testosterone (hormone of desire), and the thyroid hormone (regulates metabolism) all affect your libido. If the levels of either of these hormones are too high or too low than this can can cause low sex drive. Natural ways to make sure you have healthy levels are to exercise regularly, meditate to relieve stress, eat certain libido-boosting fruits like avocados and bananas, and maintain a healthy diet.

5. Anxiety

Anxiety can be caused by different hormones but cortisol is an important hormone that causes an imbalance. If you’re constantly stressed, it results in overworking your adrenal glands. Once they’re overworked, the glands cannot produce enough cortisol to meet your body’s demands which leads to anxiety and stress. A few things I’ve found helpful to combat this are being sure to get enough sleep, take time to relax, eat well-balanced meals, and do things that you find enjoyable or fulfilling to relieve the stress and anxiety.

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