I Quit Sugar Week Four!

I am half way there!!!!

So just wrapped up week four and this week has been a busy one. I haven’t been able to cook as much this week, so I have had to grab things on the go and always be prepared with snacks I bring from home.

Fruit used to be my go-to snack. I would always have an apple with me. But I have cut all fruit out during this detox. Remember, this is not forever, it’s for eight weeks. Its making you mindful of how much sugar you are actually consuming.

I have heard so many comments, “You’re not eating fruit?!” “Fruit is a health sugar! “and “I would literally die without fruit.” Here is the deal with fruit. Via Sarah Wilson: “Fruit contains fructose. And fructose is fructose not matter the package it comes in.

~There is little nutritional content in fruit that you can’t get from vegetables if you are eating a good variety.

~We are designed to metabolize only a small amount of fructose a day, equivalent to two small pieces per day.

~ Also, it's a very modern thing that we eat so much fruit. Our grandparents didn’t eat four pieces of fruit per day. Fruit juice was a treat, not something you drank from jumbo containers each day”

Did you know that a cup of apple juice has the same amount of sugar in it as a cup of coke? 10-12 teaspoons. When the average adult should only have 6-9 teaspoons per day.

So what have I been snacking on?



~Hard Boiled Eggs


~Rice Cracker with Coconut Butter and Almond Butter

~Coco Bark

~1/2 Avocado

~Pressed Juice with no sugar. I really love: Spinach, Cucumber, Kale, Fennel, Parsley, and Lemon

Try these snacks and see how filling the actually are!

This journey has not been easy, but I personally enjoy trying things to see how I feel on new detox’s and to touch base and remind myself I can do anything! 

xoxo L