I Quit Sugar Week Six!

This week has been pretty tough. I am sad to say, I ate sugar. I did everything in my power to say no, but when it came down to it, I had to.

For the past 8 days I have had to take some medication and this medication has made me pretty sick. I have had mostly no appetite and nauseous all week. I have been living on organic saltines, peanut butter, and ginger chews. The ginger chews are the sugar culprit.

I tried to go without ginger chews, but I really needed them. They are the lowest sugar ones I could find and I am not having that many. I have between zero to three per day.

Sure, is this a hiccup in my plan? YES! But this doesn’t mean I am just going to throw everything out the window and start eating sugar again. I actually really enjoy life without sugar.  I don’t feel like I am missing it at all.

Learning that things might happen to get you off track is a huge lesson we all need to learn. Just like in my last post, you can't be a "prefect" eater all the time. Excepting the hiccup for what it is and moving forward is the lesson here. I am guessing that is why its a eight week detox. In eight weeks, life is bound to happen. 

I am going to keep on trucking along on my I quit sugar detox!

Xoxo L

Lindsay Raffaele