I Quit Sugar Week Seven!

Adding back some sweetness. It’s different then sugar.

Last week I didn’t eat much due to my meds, and I actually didn’t start feeling better up until a few days ago, but I am on the mend! This week I played with adding some sweetness back into my diet. Sarah Wilson’s book says you can do this in week six, but I started in week seven.

Sarah talks about adding small amounts of low-fructose fruit back into your diet and safe sugar alternatives (brown rice syrup and stevia.)

By week seven I really don’t miss sugar at all. I have gone out too many dinners where friends who order deserts and I just don’t partake. In the past I would have said “I have no willpower” and would have eaten it, but I truly don’t miss it. But, I also know that there are somethings that I would like to enjoy again and see how my body reacts to them. Berries and grapefruit are the things I will add back into my diet.

Low-Fructose fruits are: kiwis, grapefruit, honeydew melon, blueberries and raspberries.

Sarah’s book also talks a lot about brown rice syrup. She thinks its a safe sugar alternative. The verdict is still out on that one for me. In week one I spoke highly about brown rice syrup, but I am not sure about it now. I have been doing a lot of reaching and there have been contradicting research about it. Some say it’s low on the glycemic index (25) and others say it's high (98) on the index. Stating that it is the highest sugar on the index, higher then table sugar. I am personally trying to watch my blood sugar, so therefore, I will be staying away from brown rice syrup.

In regards to stevia, its just not my favorite flavor. I would rather just stay away. But some people really enjoy it! 

I have chosen to still not eat fruit that often. This is a personal decision. I love blueberries and raspberries and enjoyed having them as a treat, but I have not added them back into my daily eating habits. Prior to this detox I didn’t eat that much fruit, so it’s not like I was a staple of my diet before.

I am really excited for this final week on the sugar detox program!

Xoxo L

Lindsay Raffaele