Week Eight Is Here!

I made it!  After 8 weeks of no sugar, I have detoxed and reset my body, and I feel great! Re-introduction is now my next journey. I don’t want to go back to the sugar addict I was but I also don’t want to be crazy about sugar-free. Its finding the healthy balance that works for me.

Things I have learned in the past 58 days:

1. Read your labels! I really focus on the ingredients list. I make sure there is zero sugar in processed goods I purchases like peanut butter and unsweetened ketchup.

2. Eat good fats to keep you full and satisfied like avocados, olive oil, coconut butter, and ghee.

3. I have learned to love cooking and trying new recipes. I used to be scared to fail in the kitchen. Thank god my husband eats everything.


5. I can make really good chocolate at home for when I need my chocolate fix.

6. Thai food is full of sugar, so now my go-to is Indian and its oh so good!

7. Small amounts of raw unpasteurized cheese doesn’t make me gassy or bloated, so I can enjoy it every now and then.

8. I am still on the fence about Brown Rice Syrup due to its glycemic index number fluctuation.

9. I have amazing will power! I have sat at many dinner tables and said no to dessert. 

10. I am very happy being mostly sugar free and I will try very hard to stay this way

Thank you for following me on this detox and please reach out if you need my help or have questions on your own sugar free journey! And and big thanks to Sarah Wilson and her I Quit Sugar book! She also has an online program if you need additional support. 

Xoxo L 

Lindsay Raffaele