I Quit Sugar Week Five!

When you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle you always need to look at your food as fine, better, and best. But also, don’t forget to enjoy life!

Traveling these past 8 days is when I really used this method. I want to enjoy meals with friends. I don't want to be scared of food. To me, food is fun! So this week I didn't eat “perfectly”. Sure I had some pasta and pizza.  But I stuck with no sugar. It's all about finding balance. When you eat something that isn't "best" make sure you really enjoy it, don't feel guilty.  Own it and move on. Knowing that's not a routine you have and that you will balance it out later once you get home.

Trying to eat “healthy” is a journey. You are not always going to be perfect. Perfect is not fun!  At home I stick to the 90/20 rule. 90% of the time I eat exactly what my body likes it, and 20% of the time I'm not. When I am traveling I use the 80/30 rule.

If you haven’t been to Chicago, let me give you an idea. We went for Labor Day weekend, so in Chicago, that means the last week before it starts to cool off. Summer in Chicago is the best! Everyone is out at the beach, parks, pools, architectural tours, you name it. But, Chicago is also known for its amazing food and its drinking culture. We ate out almost every day and I drink almost every night. This is not my norm at all, but I am living in the moment and enjoying many friends I haven’t seen in a while. I also attending a friend’s wedding.

I made sure many of my breakfasts had eggs in them. Majority of my lunch and dinners had veggies and seafood. I didn’t over eat. I stopped when I was satisfied. I stuck to red wine and beer. There is also a better options on menus, you just need to order them. 

Places to check out in Chicago!


~Nando Milano


~Club Lago

~Americano 2211


*we ate at each of these place while we were there. You can see some of our meals on the Finelynourished Instagram and Facebook page 

I thought this trip was going to be more difficult to navigate, it really wasn’t. Who knows…. I might stick to this I Quit Sugar for longer than 8 weeks. I will see how I feel after this detox.

Remember to travel, and the food motto is Fine, Better Best!

Xoxo L