As a Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach, my mission is to provide busy women with the support and guidance they need along their journey to mind + body wellness. In the library below, I'll be sharing a few of my favorite white papers and worksheets - the same ones I offer to clients and even use in group classes. Please feel free to download these FREE resources to keep at home, and in the kitchen!



Whether on a package of eggs from your grocery store, or on the menu at your favorite restaurant, words like "free-range", "grass-fed" and "organic" are everywhere these days. Many food labels can be confusing - use this white paper to educate yourself and sort the fact from fiction.


Experimenting with different foods is a great way to tune in to your bio-indiviual needs. Breakfast is an especially good time to experiment as it sets the tone for the rest of your day. Use this worksheet to chart your eating habits for the week, as well as your thoughts and feelings around what you eat.

Finely Nourished Chia Seed Pudding

Keep this healthy snack list handy around the kitchen and use it as a reference any time the snacking temptation kicks in. These healthy snacks are also a great example of using food for fuel, so they're perfect for taking to the office!

Finely Nourished free resources

This worksheet will help you to better understand the science behind cravings, and can act as a quick reference guide in the kitchen when cravings do hit. When we fully understand why our bodies experience cravings, we are more apt to make smart snacking choices.

Finely Nourished - Microwave Worksheet

Using microwaves can be incredibly convenient, but their safety is questionable. The decision to use a microwave or not is ultimately up to you. It's thought by some that microwaves cause plastic containers and food wrap to release toxic, cancer-causing chemicals known as carcinogens.

Finely Nourished - Positive Mindset

This worksheet offers guidance and tips for eliminating negative self-talk in order to create space for a more positive mindset. Learn how to identify limiting belief systems and begin to replace them with empowering ones.

Finely Nourished Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Let's talk carbs! From low carb, or no carb, to whole grain and beyond, this worksheet will walk you through the history of carbs and give you a better understanding of why fad diets are never a good idea.

Finely Nourished - Facts About Fats

Trans. Saturated. Omega-3. Omega-6. Omega-9. Polys. Monos - so many fats to keep track of! And information in the media and science seem to conflict about which fats are healthy and which are not. It’s no wonder many people are confused about which types of fats they should be eating – and which types they should be avoiding. Download this worksheet to discern fat fact from fiction!

Finely Nourished - Work + Life Balance

Being out of balance can have significant effects on all aspects of your life. This white paper is great for checking in with yourself, and offers guidance for creating harmony in your life. The goal is to establish a healthy rhythm that's sustainable and feels good to you.

Finely Nourished Controversial Ingredients

Quick, portable foods are now the norm in modern society. Whether it's a toaster pastry, tube of yogurt, or a can of cola - chances are, the product is heavily processed and contains additives and often times, harmful chemicals in order to preserve it’s shelf life. This list will give you some background on the various ingredients used to preserve and process common foods, as well as what to look for when shopping.

Finely Nourished, Water Drinking Guidelines

Did you know your body is made up of 60-70% water? It’s no surprise that how much you drink can affect your health! Drinking too much can cause mineral imbalances, and drinking too little can cause headaches, fatigue and dehydration. Download this list of guidelines to help you stay on track!